Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wednesday's Surf - More playful WNW swell

Wednesday will see a little more energy. A new pulse of WNW swell blends in with our current WNW/fading SW/Local NW windswell mix. Most spots will see waist-chest high surf. Standout NW breaks…mostly in SD and Ventura…see some shoulder high sets, on the lower tides.

There will be a “light” eddy on Wednesday so expect clean but slightly crumbly conditions at the more open breaks. You will be able to find cleaner conditions at spots that are protected from southerly winds.

This is starting to sound like a broken record but the best surf will continue to show through San Diego and Ventura…those areas will be more consistent, they will have more exposed reefs and points than other areas, and both counties have a few spots that can handle a little morning texture. Other regions will still have some waves but you will have to be a little selective when you pick your break.

I think it will be worth at least checking the surf on Wednesday…personally I am going to check it at lunch when the tide is low…but it should be fun through most of the morning.


Anonymous said...

I heard that the wind is supposed to be offshore in the morning, as opposed to the eddy forecast you're saying. I'm in San Diego and I'm hoping for NE winds, what do you think?

Adam Wright said...


Yeah there was a chance at some light SE-S winds this morning...but it looks like winds lightened up in the outer waters and let it get more of a light-offshore this morning. It looks like this will be the trend for the next few days.