Monday, November 5, 2007

Tuesday’s Surf

Our new SW swell starts showing tomorrow. It will actually be mixing with some of the SW and WNW swell leftover from the weekend.

We will be seeing some real long-periods from this one as it starts filling in but the bulk of the waves, and peak of the swell, will actually be in the 16-17 second period range (which arrives on Wednesday/Thursday).

On Tuesday your best bet for waves will be at the summer spots, with OC and San Diego seeing the biggest size. It may be fairly slow and soft in the morning thanks to the higher tide and the fact that the swell is just starting to arrive. Winds are not looking great either…it is possible that the more exposed areas will have some morning sickness. I think Tuesday is going to be a “check the cams” sort of morning.

More size and better winds are expected Wednesday and Thursday…

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