Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why Sunday (10/21) will be good (or AKA) let’s take a ride on the hype machine.

Sorry if this is jumping on the hype machine a little early for some of you…I’ll try and help keep it in perspective.

Sunday is looking fun, not earth-dismantling, tow-in, condition-black or anything…but it looks like it could be really consistent, with decent size, and with good conditions.

We have the trifecta of swells and conditions that sometimes line up and create those great fall days.

#1 – We have a good sized WNW swell pushing in over the weekend. Enough energy and a good enough swell angle to push it past Point Conception and into the more shadowed areas of SoCal. The winter and the combo spots will get waves from this one.

#2 – We also have a good S-SW swell (195-205) that arrives over the weekend as well. It also has a good angle, so most areas will be exposed. S facing spots from Southern Ventura through San Diego will be able to pick it up. It should also do a good job breaking up the WNW’er at the more exposed combo breaks.

#3 – (and this is the most suspect right now) There is a chance at offshore conditions through the morning/afternoon. Forecasts are saying that winds will be out of the N-NE through the morning…maybe it will develop into a more significant Santa Ana scenario. Keep your fingers crossed.

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