Friday, October 26, 2007

Surfing over the weekend (the eddy returns)

Saturday is looking only OK…there will be a bit of an eddy, which means light S-SW winds in the morning very similar to what we saw on Friday. We also have another high-tide coming through mid-morning which is going to shut down a lot of spots.

If you get up early to surf you will likely find slow and crumbly surf at most breaks. It won’t be totally blown out but personally after the surf we had earlier this week it is going to look pretty dismal.

I do think there will be a couple of pockets here and there. The best looking (best looking being a relative term) spots will be breaks that can handle the mix of high morning tide, S-SW winds, and predominately W-NW short-period swell. I can actually think of several spots in all of the different SoCal regions that might be worth checking. I don’t like to name spots in forecasts (hahaha I mean what if it is my home break? Or worse your home break?)…but if you pull out a map they should be pretty easy to find. (Think South Ventura, the LA South Bay, Mid-South OC, and Mid San Diego).

Sunday is looking a little better. Winds are expected to be lighter…and the highest part of the tide moves a little further toward midday. We also will have a mix of new S swell and holding windswell so most spots will have some sort of waves on the better parts of the tide. Conditions are a little unstable so I would probably check the cams in the morning before driving a considerable distance.

Next update will be on Monday…have a great weekend!