Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tropical Storm Kiko

TS Kiko finally strengthened into the tropical storm level this morning. The storm is nearly stationary about 500 miles SSE of the Tip of Baja. At this point the storm is not in the SoCal swell window. So no waves expected for us from this one…at least based on today’s forecast.

Looking at the Sat Photo you can see that there is some good rotation in the storm…but that the strongest winds are across the NE and NW quadrants, which means the majority of swell will be heading out toward the west.

Kiko is forecast to hang around for a couple of days before weakening. It is not expected to become a hurricane at this time.

Surfwise the Tip of Baja will see some waves from this but it probably won’t be all that big…better than nothing…but not too exciting. Make sure to check out the Baja Forecast on wavewatch.com for more details.

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