Friday, October 12, 2007

Tips for the weekend.

This weekend is looking surfable though neither the swell nor the weather are looking very exciting.

On Saturday I am expecting mostly clean conditions in the morning but with some onshore texture...if not downright morning sickness...on some of the more exposed breaks. Surfwise there will be leftover WNW swell in the water as well as some very inconsistent SW swell. Like I said above...not very exciting. Sunday will be better. Conditions will be cleaner and there will be a touch more NW and SW swell. Again nothing to pop a blood vessel over but more fun than Saturday.

Really the San Diego and Ventura areas will be the most exposed to these swells but neither will be worth driving very far to actually surf.

Personally I will be checking the cams in the morning...just to see if it is even worth the effort. Realistically, because I live in OC, I will probably be rolling the longboard down to the local beachbreak if the wind holds off through mid-morning.

Long-range forecasts in the NPAC (North Pacific for those of you that don't speak acronym) is looking pretty interesting. There are a couple of strong looking systems under the Aleutian Islands that may push into our swell window early next week...setting up waves for later in the week. Check out the satellite image, and keep your fingers crossed.

Next update will likely be on Mon Oct 15th...but if you sign up for the email version of this it will send you the posts as I publish them.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Thanks. Ive been waiting for a blog format to the surf report.