Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Surfing on Thursday - New WNW swell

The W-WNW swell (280-300+) is filling in nicely on the buoys this evening. (See image)

As you can see a lot of the swell energy is above 300+ degrees and so is being blocked by Point Conception. (The outer buoys are a bit more exposed which is why they are bigger).

Still we should have plenty of waves at W facing beaches on Thursday...the shorter period of the swell will make things interesting as well as it helps the more obscure storm-swell breaks to start working.

Winds look like they may be on it pretty early try and pick a break that can handle a little onshore flow. It will likely be pretty blown out by the afternoon.

Personally I will be up and checking it early...and if the wind looks good at my house I will head down to the local beach break...not because it will be better than other spots but in the interest of time.

Cross your fingers that the morning winds stay light.

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