Thursday, October 18, 2007

Surfing on Friday

Friday will be a surf day…and sort of a waiting day as well. We will have waves but it sort of feels like you are stalling for time waiting for the swell and conditions that are expected over the weekend.

On Friday we will have a fun mix of S-SW swell, steep NW energy, and local windswell that will have waves showing at most beaches throughout SoCal. Best spots will likely be breaks that can pick up the combo of swells and handle the higher tide that fills in through midday. Conditions will be clean early in the morning as well…but expect building onshore flow by the afternoon.

Personally I will be heading down to the local combo beach break to see if I can pick off a few during the dawn patrol. I am a little torn if I should bring the longboard…or chance sitting through some small ones on my shortboard. I will probably let the buoys help me decide in the morning…


shredder sean said...

whatup with The Con for Sat / Sun. Got to skip town but not sure if this swell will creep on in. get back at me.

Adam Wright said...

Sean, hey sorry I didn't notice your comment at first. Yeah this weekend is looking pretty fun. So is early next week. check out the newest post, it has some good information on the weekend.