Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Surfing on Wednesday

Surfwise Wednesday looks a little better than Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong it still won’t be great…but at least we will have more swell energy in the water, tides will be lower in the morning, and winds should be light and variable for the dawn patrol.

In general I am still expecting the surf to be on the playful side with the biggest and best waves showing at the well exposed beach breaks through OC, San Diego, a few parts of Southern Ventura and the South Bay. I would bring gear that is more suited to small waves but could still pick off a section if you get a set wave. It should be a fun morning if you are still learning to surf or aren’t into big waves.

Personally I think it will be a “check the cam” morning unless you live close to the beach (you know like you can see it from your window or drive past it on your way to work, or something like that).

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