Friday, October 19, 2007

Finding Surf this weekend

There will be plenty of waves on Saturday…both of our new SW and WNW swells will mix together with the energy that we got at the end of the work week. Expect plenty of size in the morning with more arriving through the afternoon.

There will be a weak cold front moving through the area which could set up some onshore texture in the morning. LA/Ventura areas are expected to have light N winds while OC and SD will have light W winds. Onshore flow is expected to be stronger by the afternoon.

With conditions being a little shaky on Saturday I would get on it early and probably head to a more protected area…you may be giving up a little size on the surf but protection from the wind will be nice. If winds are really light when you wake up it may be a good time to hunt around. Expect the biggest surf to be in San Diego with North OC, the South Bay, and Southern Ventura all seeing respectable size as well.

Sunday is looking to be the best day of the weekend. The swell mix will be peaking and winds are expected to go offshore out of the NE.

Since we have the overlap of SW and WNW swell there will be surf at pretty much all exposed areas. Again the surf will be the biggest in San Diego but you will be able to score waves pretty much anywhere (combo breaks will be probably be the most fun). Another good thing about Sunday is that winds are expected to stay out of the NE for most of the day…that means you don’t have to get up super early to get clean conditions.

Personally I love days like this one…I will probably be out surfing until I can’t paddle anymore.

See you guys in the water…have a great weekend!


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Adam Wright said...


hey thanks for the advice...I am considering it. Really at this point I am just screwing around with the format to see how it complements the forecast. If people like it, and I find that I can keep updating it on a consistent basis (which isn't really that hard) I will probably go and buy a domain and integrate sponsorship a little better.

Thanks again for the advice!