Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday’s Surf: Clean and Fun

While Thursday won’t be as big (or as windy) as it was earlier in the week, it should still be plenty of fun. Our S-SW swell will be dropping but a small reinforcement from the WNW will move in to help prop up waves at the winter spots. Conditions are forecast to be clean with light-variable winds on tap for most of the day with slight onshore texture in the afternoon.

It will be surfable for the dawn patrol but we have a pretty high tide coming through right in the middle of the morning which could swamp out many spots. If you are surfing early look for a break that likes a little more water, most points will be working along with high tide reefs, or good sandbars. Overall it should be fun, nothing super critical, but if you catch it on the right tide there could be some playful sections.

Personally I will be heading out in the morning and will probably take along a friend who is still learning. I figure that with the dropping, but still fun, swell and tide swamp there should be something for both of us to ride.

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