Thursday, October 25, 2007

Surfing on Friday (Morning high tide swamptastic!)

Friday will see mostly small and leftover swells. We will have a holding but weak WNW swell and fading S-SW energy still hanging on from earlier in the week. The real killer though will be the 6.8’ high tide that rolls through around 9:30am. That tide is pretty much going to swamp out most breaks…maybe a few really good sandbars and reefs will work but it looks like lots of slow and rolly surf on tap through the morning.

Unless you live near a break that likes the high tide I would probably skip the dawn patrol, which is likely to be a lesson in frustration. If you absolutely do have to surf in the morning get there early and make sure to bring a board, like a longboard or fish, that can help you get into soft surf.

Personally I will probably sleep in and then try and not get pwn’d on Halo3, which is usually the case.

(Fear the purple tinted armor...)

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