Monday, October 22, 2007

Surfing on Tuesday (go away Devil Winds!)

Ok Santa Ana’s make for some pretty good-looking surf, but as usual you can have too much of a good thing. The super strong offshore winds we had here on Monday were a good example.

I went out for a lunch session and the wind was so strong that it was nearly impossible to get over the lip. (Granted once you managed to get over the lip it was remarkably hollow and makeable but that was few and far between). Eventually the combo of getting blasted by the wind, grit, & ash and the now cool water temps (and perceived wind-chill) did me in. If the wind had been about 10 or 15 knots lighter it would have been a whole different session.

Tuesday is looking better and a bit more managable from the wind/conditions standpoint. The mix of WNW and SW swells will be dropping but still showing plenty of energy at the combo breaks. The winds are expected to shift a little more to the N (instead of NE) and slow down to about 10-15 knots along the beach. I think you will still get some strong gusts near passes and canyons but the more open areas will be a little less wind blown.

Surfwise I still think the combo beach breaks will be pretty fun…but with less WNW swell in the water it will be a little more lined up. There is enough SW energy that exposed points/reefs will connect through sections…throw in some more (and hopefully lighter) offshore winds and Tuesday could be pretty fun for most of SoCal.

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