Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Incoming WNW swell

Well our first real W-WNW swell of the season is fast approaching. Already we are seeing wave heights on the outer water buoys starting to increase and it looks like the swell should be showing strong in NorCal and Central Cal by early Wednesday.

SoCal will get plenty of waves from this one too...though I expect that Santa Barbara and Ventura will be starting to pick up energy through mid-morning on Wednesday while the rest of SoCal has to wait until the afternoon. Really the bulk of the swell will arrive on Thursday for most areas...particularly the good spots in San Diego.

From a surf standpoint I think this swell should have enough energy that most W-NW facing breaks should be pretty fun. Where to surf will be dependent on what type of wave you are looking to ride. Point waves may be a little broken up and not connecting the way a longer-period swell would, but reefs and beach breaks will likely be fun because of it.

So like I said, look for a slow start in the morning on Wednesday but expect building wave heights through the afternoon and into Thursday.

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