Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wednesday’s Surf

Wednesday is not looking very clean. We will have waves thanks to the mix of local windswell and background NW/SW that is still out there but W winds are expected to be blowing early and will continue to strengthen as we head into the afternoon.

Like Tuesday the windswell driven surf will lack push, and will likely be a bit crumbly and slow thanks to the onshore winds. The other swells in the background won’t add much to the mix either.

I would suggest another sort of “wait and see” dawn patrol on Wednesday. If you live close to the beach, and the wind doesn’t seem to strong in the morning, go take a look at it….there may be a longboard or a fish session hiding out at one of the more exposed beach breaks. If you don’t live close to the beach…well…it doesn’t look like it will be worth driving very far.

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