Thursday, October 11, 2007

Friday's surf

On Friday our WNW wind/ground swell combo will be fading pretty fast. There should be plenty of surf still showing at the exposed breaks but expect wave heights to back off quick as we head through midday and into the afternoon.

A cold front is expected to drop through the area on Friday as well, which will likely screw up conditions as it moves through.

Fortunately these little fronts are notorious stallers so we probably won't see junky winds until the evening...I imagine that we will have mostly variable winds for the dawn-patrol (some onshore texture at times at the more exposed breaks) so it will be a surfable morning.

Your best bet for waves will be at spots that can break up the swell a bit. (I checked it on Thursday at a beach break and it was a lot more lined up and wally than I was expecting, which was disappointing.) W facing points and reefs, particularly in San Deigo and Ventura, will have the best shape and size on Friday. If you live close it should be worth a check...though I would probably look at the cameras and the winds before driving too far.

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