Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – a little smaller and now with new forecasts!

Wednesday will be rideable (in places)…but again the high tide and mostly leftover swell mix will keep it from being much of a surf day.

In the water we are going to see a mix of fading NW energy (290-300), some minor pulses from the SW (200-220), and a touch of local NW windswell that will creep into exposed spots by the afternoon.

Wave heights are going to average in the knee high range for most of the average spots…though a few of the better-than-average breaks may pull in some waist high sets on the lower tides. Standout NW facing spots and the good combo breaks, mostly in San Diego, will be in the waist high range with some inconsistent chest high sets. Expect some long waits between waves even at the top spots. Also the tide is going to be a bit of a pain…the 6’+ high tide peaks right around 9am and it will do its best to swamp out rideable shape almost everywhere.

Winds look ok in the morning, not great, just ok. Overall I think we are going to see light and variable conditions for most areas during the dawn patrol…maybe a few pockets of bump here and there as some patchy fog moves around the coast. W winds around 10-knots will push in around lunchtime and should be getting into the 10-15 knot range later in the evening. Here is a shot from the COAMPS model…it is still pretty confident that winds will be light (even light-offshore in some places for the morning)…but I think that may be a bit optimistic considering the fog (and the weird fog winds that usually come along with it).

With our swell mix on the weak side, and the stupid high tide steamrolling through midmorning, I don’t think you should spend lot of time trying to get waves tomorrow. If you absolutely have to surf, try and get out early while the winds are still light and the tide hasn’t come up too far…it won’t be very good but at least you’ll have a shot at getting some rideable waves.

Hey gang…check it out…I set up some new forecast pages for each of the SoCal counties. These forecasts are going to be dialed in better for each region, with local tides, local wave heights as well as winds and conditions. They may be a little more bare-bones at first as I get into the groove of setting them up. I will continue to post the more detailed overview and the Long-Range Surf Forecast for all of Socal on this lovely page.

Here are the links for each of the regions...I am still working out some of the links and formatting issues but they are up and running. Let me know what you think.

Santa Barbara - http://socalforecastsb.blogspot.com/
Ventura - http://socalforecastven.blogspot.com/
Los Angeles - http://socalforecastla.blogspot.com/
Orange County - http://socalforecastoc.blogspot.com/
San Diego - http://socalforecastsd.blogspot.com/

And finally here are the tides…

02:40AM LST 2.1 L
08:52AM LST 6.3 H
04:23PM LST -0.7 L
10:50PM LST 3.6 H


Anonymous said...

wow, adam you are the man. i would seriously pay for this.

Anonymous said...

dude, for real - you freakin rock! i rely on your daily info so much its become a part of my morning routine (coffee, check your blog, crap, surf); even when I travel I continue to look at your blog. just can't thank you enough for the service you provide, man.

vegas mike said...

love the new forecast setup.
keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

This is fine as long as everyone promises not to cross their county lines.
Second thought this is to localized, spoon fed for me.
Respectfully I liked just the
So Cal Blog.

Anonymous said...

Tide specific info shouldn't be too strenuous. Just don't bite off more than you can chew, AW!

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree, its a great idea, but the information is a little too easy to reach. People should research and learn for themselves where they predict the best waves will be, not having it spoon fed to them. Just sayin'.

pushingtide said...


But I'll still just get up at 4 and get the goods before all the kooks drink coffe, check the blog, crap and wait for the sun to come up.

vegas mike said...

you guys that think the info is too spoon fed should check out other forecast reports.
adam even says on the main page and in the about me that your forecast should be easy to read and understand.

Because you should be able to understand your Surf Forecast... A simple, straightforward, easy-to-use, surf forecast for Southern California by Adam Wright, professional Surf Forecaster

all the info on this site has always been spoon fed.

god forbid someone from san diego drives up to the oc for the weekend. or someone from the oc drives down to san diego for the weekend.

you guys are forgetting what surfing is about.
share the stoke

what's up with only having the google account or openid login?

Martin said...

OpenID suports Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, MySpace, Sears, Universal Music Group, France Telecom, Novell, Sun, Telecom Italia, etc...

Adam, please migrate your site to real CMS like Drupal already. Blogger is like a boogieboard.

Adam Wright said...

Yeah I am working on getting set up on a new system...like always though it takes time/money to do things. Blogger is an ok solution for now, but I agree, it is time to move on.

I switched the comment settings because some of the older posts were starting to get a little spammy action...but I may have gone a little draconian on things so I will switch off some of the stuff today.