Monday, November 2, 2009

Transworld Surf Forecast – the North Pacific is set to go boom

If you read the long-range forecast that I posted this morning (or have looked at any of the swell models) you already know that the North Pacific is getting ready to lay down a smacking on the West Coast.

The majority of the energy will be heading to the Pacific NW as well as Northern and Central California. (Socal will get some waves but will be quite a bit smaller thanks to shadowing from Point Conception as well as the Nearshore Islands).

I go into a little more detail for Northern and Central California in the forecast for Transworld, and talk a little bit more about why and how this storm is pulling together…give it a read when you get a chance.


Anonymous said...

This one looks like a macker!!!

Anonymous said...

will remnants of it still be in socal on monday and tuesday? I have off and it's been a long time since my days off have met with a good nw swell.