Friday, November 6, 2009

Transworld Surf Forecast – Fear the Giant Red Blob

Hey gang my latest TransworldSURF Forecast is up on their website. It has a lot of my sweet drawings (they are so awesome that I will probably have an art-gallery showing soon), a bunch of nonsense that I wrote down, and some more details on the NW’er that is going to hit this weekend.

Check it out when you get a chance…no rush…just do it right now. (sorry I am frisky today for some reason). Seriously do it now.


Anonymous said...

def NEEEEED to get back to the WEST COAST! ha, this EAST COAST thing is not good...not at all, ha - @Surf_Stud (via Twitter)

Anonymous said...

you must not be in the right spot on the EAST COAST buddy.