Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monday’s Surf – Picking up slightly and with a touch of offshores

Monday still won’t be much of a surf day.

Sure…conditions will be clean through the morning and we will have a touch of new NW swell (290-300 with most of the every above 295-degrees) mixing in with the minor NW and SW leftovers we already have in the water...but the new swell it isn’t very strong to begin with, it is also shadowed by the more northerly swell angle, and to top it off, it has to power through a 6’ high tide right smack in the middle of the morning session. Basically the combo of a weak swell mix and a solid morning high tide is going to shut down much chance of it being a “surf day”.

Wave heights for tomorrow are going to continue to hold around knee high at the average spots with a few rare waist high sets mixing in on the lower tides. The standout NW facing breaks will be a touch bigger, mostly in the knee-waist high range with some rare chest high sets. Unfortunately like I mentioned before the high-tide is going to flatten out all but the most tide resilient breaks…really with this much water even the spots that like a “higher” tide are going to have some issues.

Winds will be good…light to moderate offshore in the morning…sort of classic Fall conditions. Winds will stay light through midday and then turn onshore out of the WNW around 10-14 knots at the more exposed areas.

I think our best bet is to try and wait for the tide to drop…hopefully we will be able to see a few lines start to show as we head towards lunchtime. I wouldn’t waste a lot of time looking for waves in the morning, just too much tide already for most places. Even if you can stall out your session till the tide drops plan on bringing the small wave boards (mostly longboards) and expect to be sitting around most of the time while waiting for rideable sets.

Here are the tides…

01:39AM LST 1.6 L
07:45AM LST 6.1 H (swampthing!)
02:54PM LST -0.5 L
09:05PM LST 4.0 H


Anonymous said...

longboards in november? me no likey.

Anonymous said...


cdip san pedro channel model, is it over calling swell thats really not goning on? from the looks of it, looks like waves are starting to fill in... very confusing!!

Surfy Surfy! said...

It was glassy all day. Perfect 1-2 ft micropeelers. Then the full moon came out just in case you wanted to keep longboarding for another 8 hours.

Anonymous said...

Can you add water temp to your report for those of us who don't like the rubber?

Vegas Mike said...

water temps would be a good idea, but the temps would be different for all the spots in socal.

one of my most memorable days out was a 1-2 foot super glassy day.
it was in fall about 14 years ago, longest rides of my life.

Anonymous said...

perhaps tomorrow will be a repeat of that day you had.

Anonymous said...

monday not too bad at my beach break. inconsistent, but fun when they came in.