Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surf for Friday – Slowly building

Friday looks more rideable than it has been compared to the last couple of days…but it is still a ways away from what I would call a surf day.

We are going to start off with leftover NW/SW energy showing at most spots in the morning…but a new medium-short period NW swell (290-300) will start to filter into exposed breaks as we move through the day.

Look for most of the average WNW-NW facing breaks to start off around knee high with some waist high sets mixing in. Top NW facing spots, mostly up around Ventura (and maybe the South Bay), will have some chest-high+ sets showing before the tide gets too high. NW spots in SD won’t see much new size in the morning, but that swell will fill in more by the afternoon.

Winds are still a little spotty for tomorrow, which is another reason that it won’t be a “surf-day”…the models can’t really decide on how things are going to shake out tomorrow. Based on what I have been looking at…it looks like we are going to see some light/variable to light/onshore texture for most areas in the morning. If the COAMPS are to be believed there may be some moderate onshore bump for the SB/Ventura areas in the morning. NW winds 10-15 knots will be on tap for all areas by the afternoon.

So there it is…not much improvement, but still better than being flat. The morning tide moves back a little bit so if you can get on it early shape won’t be horribly swampy (but you might want to write-off midmorning. Personally I am planning on giving the cams a check…maybe a quick drive-by if the winds don’t look bad…but overall I am not expecting to do much surf board riding tomorrow. Stick to the small wave gear if you do head out…you will probably be able to squeeze a little more fun from the conditions.

Here are the tides…

03:59AM LST 2.7 L
10:21AM LST 6.0 H
06:16PM LST -0.4 L

Remember the new regional forecasts are up and running…

Santa Barbara -
Ventura -
Los Angeles -
Orange County -
San Diego -

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