Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Completely Random Post – Please help our friends get married

Sorry gang this post is coming in from way (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) out in left field…but we would be stoked if you could help our friends out.

They have been lucky enough to make it into the final round of a wedding contest (told you it was left field) and need some people to vote for them. If they win, the contest guys will pick up the tab for the whole wedding party, which would really help them push through a rough financial patch.

Anyways…I know it is off topic for the blog, but you would be doing our friends Kim and Tim big favor….and helping maintain my marital bliss as well.

Here is the process…

1. Go to this link


2. Click on Kim and Tim’s picture

3. Register (basically your email and your age and you can opt out of the spam)

4. Return to Kim and Tim’s picture and vote (you can vote 1 time a day if you are really fired up by weddings).

Don’t worry if this isn’t your thing...just ignore it…but if you have a couple of free minutes on the interweb we would be stoked.


Adam and Karyn


jump jump jump the shark said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I voted, hope they win! If they do, I work for an awesome high-end catering company called 24 Carrots. Let me know if they're interested, I get a bonus if I book an event :) email: cmlinard@eagle.fgcu.edu

Danny said...

Voted, my wife won a Baby Shower from them that was pretty cool, hope they win.

zac said...

Voted and good luck.

Now how about a random post on what the waves will be like in Cabo the 18th through the 23rd? hehe, I have a surf trip coming up before Thanksgiving ;]


btw, props and huge thanks on the blog. My friends and my go to link for reports.

Dean said...

Hey Adam this is the first time I have commented on any of your posts. I religiously follow your website, I used to enjoy your forecasts on wavewatch, now I enjoy them here. Anyways I just wanted to let you know that you are the best forecaster for san diego, IMO, I am a poor college student/surfer, since I have no money for you in donations this is the least I can do. Anytime bro! :) - Dean Kaufman

Anonymous said...

Thanks Adam for the post! You are the best friends! For all of you who voted thank you for taking the left field post and going with it. For the person from 24 Carrots, I will keep your email. I actually already have the menu options and info from them. They were provided by a vendor. Ill keep you posted.

saimin said...

Haha! Awesome. Voted. Like Dean said, least we can do. Oh and Happy Belated. Hope u got shacked all Sunday

Anonymous said...

dude thats lame!