Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – Clean conditions (and NW swell) continue

Wednesday will be a surf day.

The NW swell (290-300) will hold on Wednesday and mix with a slight bump in SW energy (200-220). Look for the NW’er to loose a little steam as we head into the afternoon.

Since the swell angle is starting to get pretty steep on the NW energy it won’t be showing at a ton of spots…the lesser exposed areas will be working off a mix of leftover WNW-NW energy and if they are lucky some of the inconsistent SW swell. Look for the average breaks to hold in the knee-waist high range…with some rare waist-chest high sets sneaking through at times. The standout NW facing breaks, particularly spots that like longer-period (15-16 second) energy in the Ventura, South Bay, and San Diego areas, will have more consistent waist-chest high surf with some occasional chest-shoulder high sets sneaking in…a few of the better San Diego spots will be around head high on the bigger sets.

We will have offshore winds for the morning. SB and Ventura areas will see NE winds 10-15+ knots (with gusts nearing 20-25 knots at times). LA down through San Diego will be more NE around 5-10 knots but still nice and clean. Looks like winds will stay light through midday and then turn variable onshore by mid-afternoon. With these sort of conditions I would keep an eye on things around the end of the day…good chance that winds will lay down or even turn offshore again…so there may be a chance for an evening cleanup.

More clean, rideable (if not playful) surf on tap for Wednesday...unfortunately it will be a bit slow and small if you aren’t at a break with great NW exposure…so if you are stuck surfing leftovers you will want to bring a longboard or something with a lot of foam in it. The standout spots will have some racier sections…particularly if the break is on the shallow side…I would still probably stick to something fishy but you might be able to get away with a faster board. With a lot of people already on vacation expect the crowd to get a bit heavy tomorrow...between the crowd factor, and the steeper less consistent swell in the water I don’t think it will be worth driving too far for waves…hopefully you will be able to find a fun peak close to home.

Here are the tides…

11/25/2009 Wed
04:23AM LST 4.2 H
10:40AM LST 2.4 L
03:31PM LST 3.4 H
10:02PM LST 1.2 L

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