Monday, November 9, 2009

Tuesday’s Surf – Still a few fun ones on tap

Tuesday will be a surf day.

Even though our surf will be slowly dropping, as the mix NW swell (290-300) and SW swell (200-220) wind down, there will still be enough energy to get out and surf. It won’t be huge…or even that consistent at times, but winds will be light and there will be a few shoulder high+ sets sneaking through at the top NW spots.

The average spots, with at least some exposure to the NW swell, will be in the waist-chest high range. The standout NW facing spots, mostly in Ventura, the South Bay, and parts of San Diego, will see some chest-shoulder high+ surf and a few head high sets still sneaking it through the morning during the lower tides.

Winds look good…more light and variable to light offshore flow for the morning. Some patchy fog and overcast skies will still linger through the morning so watch for a little funky/bump around the edges of the fog bank. Afternoon winds come onshore out of the W-WNW around 10-12+ knots.

If you are looking for larger, more consistent surf then you will need to focus in on the top spots…but really I don’t think that this fading swell mix will be worth driving any sort of serious distance…there will be enough waves spread throughout the other lesser exposed regions that you will be able to find some waves close to home if you want. With the surf dropping and the swell periods starting to trail off as well you might want to think about breaking out your boards that work better in smaller/softer surf.

Here are the tides…

04:28AM LST 4.5 H
10:16AM LST 2.2 L
03:38PM LST 4.4 H
10:28PM LST 0.4 L

I have the regional/county forecasts up and running so make sure you check them for more details on your local spots.

Santa Barbara -
Ventura -
Los Angeles -
Orange County -
San Diego -

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