Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random Update – It sure is lagging…but the S-swell is finally here

It was a pretty craptacular morning… the eddy was lame, the tide dropping didn’t help, and the S swell was out there but with not enough juice to make anyone happy…(though I seem to recall recommending people surf on Monday)

Fortunately the swell is finally starting to fill in and I think I saw a little blue patch of sky trying to force its way through the marine layer...I guess we can enjoy the holiday after all. Now if you will excuse me …there is a coors light somewhere with my name on it. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Getting some bombs in sanclemente

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Adam!

Anonymous said...

late afternoon/eve a solid set would come mayb every half hour, wouldnt really say the swell is here but good news for tomorrow, today basically sucked, but i guess that just means tuesday will still have really good size if the swells a day late