Monday, July 26, 2010

Surf for Monday – Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

Just kidding…I have been out kicking it in Wyoming….letting my boys play with the great-grandparents and having a hell of a time of finding a way to connect to the interweb.

Next time I am bringing the sat phone

I finally installed a cell tower on an antelope, but those suckers are fast, (and weren’t too fond of the power drill) so after a lovely sprint (ok…it was a slow walk at my part) the little critter got tuckered out enough to lay down I got a chance to upload the blog.

Ok onto the surf forecast….Monday looks like a surfable day…not a great day mind you…bit with enough rideable waves that if you can find a playful little line here and there….but you are also going to want to pack an open mind, and a wetsuit(Just in case the water temps continue to stink it up)

The average S facing stops are going to see surf in the waist-chest high range while a few of the standout breaks see some shoulder high sets…waves will be inconsistent since we are seeing the tail end of the Sw swell…it won’t fade completely again but there will be less size and consistency as we head into the afternoon . Look for smaller waves again after dark.

Winds look…sort of marginal…nothing great…just sort of variable in the morning…not onshore shore, not offshore, but not clean either. Mostly the winds will be below the 05- knot range but there may be some lighter/cleaner breaks at regions that have a little protection from the S winds…places with piers, rocks, jetties, high-cliffs…so if you had to pick I would try and stick with spots that have a little shelter. Winds will be onshore around 10-15 knots out of the NW by the late afternoon.

Surfwise the summer facing spots and the really good combo breaks are going to be the best bet. The S swell lines will be a bit inconsistent but the windswell will be a bit gutless as well but if you can find a little sandbar then you might get a away with a little more pop out of the combo. Overall bring the smaller Wave will just be b able to pick off a few more of the fun ones while waiting for the bigger sets.

Here are the tides…I will try and get back to a more normal schedule soon…just as soon as I catch the antelope.

07/26/2010 Monday
04:34AM LDT -0.5 L
10:49AM LDT 4.0 H
03:56PM LDT 1.9 L
09:53PM LDT 5.7 H


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Wyoming, man. Beautiful country up there. Thanks a million for sending the report from there! You're a trooper!
I was in Montana earlier this month and had a blast in Glacier National Park.

Anonymous said...

Going to the Canadian Rockies in a few weeks! Jeeiz, can't wait to get out of the fog.

Hopefully, late Aug/early Sept starts to turn on. Except for a few bigger swells this summer (along with crappy S wind conditions), I've almost forgotten what it's like to wake up excited about maybe scoring some good surf.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, dude. When is it gonna end? I saw more Sun in winter and feel like I'm livin in bloody England!

Anonymous said...

Were you guys under a rock last tues,wed? but yeah this cloudiness has to go!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation! Things are very slow down here in SD right now:

Anonymous said...

Hey, you, get off my clouds!

Anonymous said...

hahaha thats soo awesome

Anonymous said...

Hey cousin... I want that antelope pic : ) - am