Monday, July 12, 2010

Surf for Tuesday – I hate you wind…so, so, so much

Tuesday is looking bad…the funky W winds that settled in on Monday are supposed to continue overnight and be right there…blowing onshore…for Tuesday morning.

We have some swell in the water…not that it matters much. There will be a bit of S-SW energy (180-215) and some building, very short-period (4-5 seconds), W-WNW windswell…I know, shocker! on that windswell.

Sizewise I am expecting most of the average S-SW facing spots to have some knee-waist high waves with a few chest high sets at the better SW exposed beaches and good combo spots. The standout SW facing spots and excellent combo breaks will have some chest-shoulder high sets.

Winds are forecast to be out of the W-WSW around 5-10 knots for most areas in the morning. A few of the really exposed beaches may have winds hitting close to 10-15+ knots shortly after sunrise. Look for the W winds to increase with gusts getting up into the 15-20 knot range by the afternoon. It looks like it is going to be pretty sucktacular overall.

Unfortunately with W and WSW winds there aren’t many places to hide…so I don’t think it is going to be worth spending much time or effort trying to hunt down waves. If there is going to be any sort of window it will be early in the morning…but I don’t know that I would set your alarm or anything. I would look at it this way… if you happen to get up close to dawn…or are unfortunately living next to a henhouse, or a train station, or something that starts early and loud, then I would stroll on over to the computer and give the winds a check, who knows you might get lucky (and my dolphin eating unicorn might finally get delivered…hey a guy can hope). If you can stay asleep…you should I think your pillow would be your best bet tomorrow.

Here are the tides…guess what…it is going to be either blown-out and drained or blown-out and swampy.

07/13/2010 Tuesday
05:19AM LDT -1.2 L (sucky)
11:40AM LDT 4.3 H (swampy)
04:55PM LDT 1.6 L (sucky)
10:52PM LDT 6.2 H (really swampy)


Anonymous said...

Cool el nino, love it

Anonymous said...

is this a joke?

PapaSnatcher said...

What?! No wind this AM in PB.

Anonymous said...

No wind this AM in North Los Angeles, either. Really nice.

Surfsister said...

No wind in South L.A. Sun was out too. Is this that thing they call "summer"?

surfing handbook said...

No wind and glassy through lunchtime here in encinitas!! Great waking up to the sun finally. water was effing freezing though, 59/60.

Anonymous said...

1.6 low tide ain't that bad, right?

Someone needs to get Adam some waves, he has gone to the dark side.
Glassy little peelers this morning in SD. I had fun, and that was on the negative low tide. Should be better after work.

Anonymous said...

No glass in San Clemente this AM either. Small waves, but glassy.

Anonymous said...

I meant no wind in San Clemente

Anonymous said...

waist-chest soft fun peaks in upper newps this morning, nice conditions first time since may its been sunny in the morning, water took a dip though, adam come down from surf sh**ty theres waves to the south

Anonymous said...

Stoked to hear Adam was wrong for once... and yea, clear skies this morning was such a relief