Sunday, July 11, 2010

Surf for Monday – Not looking so hot

Monday will have some rideable waves but onshore winds are forecast to blow through the morning and will hamper shape at the more exposed areas.

In the water we will have a mix of S and SW swell (180-215) along with some local NW windswell. None of the swells are particularly strong but there will be some occasionally decent sets at the combo sets.

Wave heights are going be in the knee-high range for most of the average spots…along with some occasional waist high sets at the average S facing spots. The standout S-SW facing spots and excellent combo breaks, mostly in Orange County and parts of San Diego, will have waist-chest high waves with some rare chest-shoulder high sets showing on the lower tides. The swells are a touch shadowed so expect some waiting around between the bigger waves.

Winds aren’t looking very good…there is still a bit of an upper level low-pressure over Northern California that will continue to push some W-WNW winds through Socal. Both the COAMPs and the NOAA models are calling for 4-6 knot W winds for the morning, which isn’t super strong…so there may be a little bit of a window early…but if the onshore flow holds over Sunday night, which there is a chance that it will, then there would be some texture/bump on things early. As usual on these marginal mornings, I recommend getting up and checking the cams or wind stations before driving very far (or at all). Look for building WNW winds around 10-15+ knots for the afternoon.

With the onshore wind forecast to spin up in the morning I am not super excited about Monday’s surf…but I will still give things a quick check since we do have a little bit of swell in the water. If you do have to surf…I would stick with the S facing beaches or the really good combo spots…and bring the small wave gear…just so you can squeeze a few more waves out of the smaller swell mix.

Here are the tides…cross your fingers that the winds stay down.

07/12/2010 Monday
04:40AM LDT -1.4 L
11:01AM LDT 4.1 H
04:02PM LDT 1.7 L
10:04PM LDT 6.6 H


spencer said...

i can't tell you how much i hate onshore winds

Anonymous said...

please mr. wind, have some friggin mercy!!!

Surfsister said...

Some of us are just gluttons for punishment. It sucked @$$ out there today!