Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exciting isn't hardly the word I would choose.

Hey Gang…I am sure that you have noticed that my updates have been a little spotty the last few days.
Rest assured that this is pretty normal…right about now I start to slide into my slacker/lazy/summer mode that creeps in when the weather gets nice, and we see a few of our Southern Hemi storms sneak in some playful waves to our exposed spots. And if that wasn’t enough…my beautiful wife is off work over the summer…(she is a teacher and has one of those awesome “summer off” teacher schedules)…so she gets to find all sorts of nice ways to distract me from my forecasts. (Get your minds out of the gutters…), it is usually things like fix the doorbell, the garbage disposal smells funny, get off the computer and do some chores .

And since she is home for the summer…so is my army of Clone Troopers.

These troopers like to invade what is normally called my “office” but it now referred to as “happy fun land”. And apparently even after working in Happy Fun Land for YEARS…I have still managed to miss the most popular ride. (The riding of my (140lbs) bullmastiff puppy is the number #2 two ride in Happy Fun Land). Anyway my boys/clones like to call the #1 bestest ride in the park “the Awesome Spaztacular Adventure” but the official name of the ride is called “lets drive daddy insane”… and if you hadn’t guessed, I get to ride that one a lot. None of which is helping me get the forecasts get done on time.

OK that being said…there is another reason I have been lagging on the forecast s, it has been because I have been working on a bigger/better/more bad-ass website, and that when we release these new tool sets my little forecast will get a major overall and it should help you guys score even more surf.

It won’t change all that much…there are still going to be plenty of my awesome drawings…you know…the ones of fish and unicorns racing each other over the rainbow only to have the winner eaten by a dolphin. OH and it will still be FREE…no subscription nonsense.

I am stoked on what we have heading your way….hopefully you guys will dig it as well.

This quote always seems to creep back into my thought process when I am working on the new site…

Randal Graves: [talking about the second Death Star] A construction job of that magnitude would require a helluva lot more manpower than the Imperial army had to offer. I'll bet there were independent contractors working on that thing: plumbers, aluminum siders, roofers.
Dante Hicks: Not just Imperials, is what you're getting at...
Randal Graves: Exactly. In order to get it built quickly and quietly they'd hire anybody who could do the job. Do you think the average storm trooper knows how to install a toilet main? All they know is killing and white uniforms.
Dante Hicks: All right, so even if independent contractors are working on the Death Star, why are you uneasy with its destruction?
Randal Graves: All those innocent contractors hired to do a job were killed - casualties of a war they had nothing to do with. [notices Dante's confusion]
Randal Graves: All right, look-you're a roofer, and some juicy government contract comes your way; you got the wife and kids and the two-story in suburbia - this is a government contract, which means all sorts of benefits. All of a sudden these left-wing militants blast you with lasers and wipe out everyone within a three-mile radius. You didn't ask for that. You have no personal politics. You're just trying to scrape out a living.

Not sure why I keep thinking about it...maybe it is all the contractors we are using to help develop. Good thing I don't own a partially opporational battle-station.

Anyway…sorry about the long rambling post…I meant to say that the some of the bigger pieces/posts…like the “long-range” forecasts and the alerts are going to take a little hiatus. In fact I am actually heading out on a vacation for a few myself (non-surf related unfortunately)…but when things start coming up to full strength I hope you will be both stoked and impressed by the stuff we have built. I will do my best to keep the update schedule as close as normal …it the meantime I hope that the weather is nice and that there are some playful/solid waves until I get back.




Anonymous said...

That first picture looks like the restaurant @ the Hilton Hawain Village. Are you staying in Waikiki?

As far as SoCal, yes Virginia, the cobblestone point(s) were going off. DOH on a few select sets between 6-7am Tues morning.

Anonymous said...


Awsome post. I'm also married with kids and can appreciate your situation. Thanks for the forecasts, I just extrapolate for SLO.

HBD said...

Ahhh, insight to the Adam's family! When you get a chance, maybe you'd enjoy a book called AlternaDad by Neil Pollack. Yes, teaching jobs rock! My wifey and I love to have summers off. She likes the beach, I like the water and so do our kids. A match made in heaven. Keep up the good work and enjoy your time with the kid. It goes way too fast!

Anonymous said...

Ding dong -you fixed the doorbell already, now I need you to hang
the curtains!!!
Thanks-love you!

Anonymous said...

Hurry back, I fear the dark side grows stronger without your reports to the imperial surf troopers.

Anonymous said...

hey Adam your wife is hot can i join her class?

Anonymous said...

WEIRD! I thought there was going to be a surf forecast at the end.. Make sure you remind the storm troopers that your success is based off of no nonsense surf forecasting.. and not fluffy family stuff..

May the force be with you!

Anonymous said...

"my awesome drawings…"
Yeah Adam is the John Madden of surf forecasting. Boom!

spencer said...

Being lazy is what the summer is about! Enjoy

Surfsister said...

My spawn, who is 8, will be out of summer school for a month after next week. I can forget about surfing, forget about getting access to the computer, forget about seeing your surf reports, etc. Keeping him occupied is going to take everything I've got, believe you me!

Go do your thing, Adam. We appreciate all that you do. Thank you, again, for keeping it free and keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm 38, born and raised in San Diego. Is this not the worst summer weather we have ever seen in SoCal or what!!!! What the hell is going on???

HBD said...

Bad weather, lotsa waves, El Nino. 'Nuff saud,

Anonymous said...

So your quiting the forecasting business?
El nino has ruined just about everything not connected with january-feburary so i guess it doesnt matter anyway
Hey lets not have another el nino the rest of my life time ya?