Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waves for Tuesday – We can expect a few playful waves…but there will be long waits between sets and a shape will be a little gutless when they do show

Tuesday is looking like a Surf Day…it won’t be stellar or huge but the combo of S-SW swell will keep at least some rideable waves showing at the well exposes summer spots.

Sizewise It looks like a little more of the same on Tuesday…winds will remain on the light side and we can expect a slightly better pulse of S-SW along with a touch of southern heimi swells and background wind swells and some slightly stronger WNW-NW wind and that will slip in through the gaps in our nearshore islands as we move throughout the day.

Most of the average SW/NW combo spots are going to hold in the knee-waist high range with some occasional waist-chest high sets. The better combo breaks, that do a better job pulling in the mix of windswell and the inconsistent, but still playful, S-SW swells will hold more in the waist-chest high range with some inconsistent chest-shoulder high sets that will sneak in on those shallower sandbars, and lower tides. That little swell mix combo should end up being at least semi-fun, if not a bit better at times. It won’t great, but surf but if you bring the right gear and a good attitude, you should be able to have some fun.

Winds look light in the morning with most areas seeing winds below the 5-know range, while in the more protected the spots see nearly glassy shape. I am expecting the winds to hold the lightest morning but the onshore flow does pick up pretty fast and we can expect building onshore bump in ghd 10-15 knot range by the afternoon.

With our swell mix being a bit on the small side…it isn’t going to be super exciting…and while it won’t be flat, it will be weak and inconsistent enough on the sets that it might not be a bad idea to bring the small wave gear…that way you can get some more fun out of the in-betweeners, but still be ready to pick off the bigger waves that will sneak through on the slightly better tides and on the inconsistent sets.

Here are the tides…happy hunting the small surf tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

SURF: 1-3 ft
ankle to waist high
Inconsistent, sectiony, and drained this morning.


I don't even have to look. I'm sitting here drinking my coffee watching the leaves of one of my indicator trees blow. If the S wind gets much stronger, my wind chime might even start up.

Wait ... I just heard a faint tinkling. Yes, the wind chime is now moving. Ah, the only thing almost as good as great waves is the knowledge that it completely sucks. No wondering, no doubts, just pure focus on the task @ hand.

Anonymous said...

glassy in newport, yet freezing and no waves, i think i like el ninos cousin la nina alot better.
Is this the worst summer in socal history you think adam? Atleast up there right?

Anonymous said...

Ya seriously September i was so stoked reading about the upcoming el nino and how epic this year would be....whoops

Dean said...

Ugh I am wondering if I should go out for a late afternoon session. Hopefully it will glass off and I can use my SB on a few sand bars or beach breaks. I will have to see.

Anonymous said...

you could not have picked a better time to go to Wyoming, Adam. Enjoy, bro, cuz there ain't crap showing in SoCal.

Dean said...

This summer has really sucked. We had some somewhat decent swell in the water during the late spring and early summer. But with way too much coastal eddy and early morning texture. Now we are in the end of July and the eddy is beginning to be less prevalent but where is those south swells? Super lame. :/

Anonymous said...

yeah, where de be? lol.

HBD said...

California wins the Eddy twice in less than a year. First Greg, now this.

Surfsister said...

It was howling by the time I got to the beach this morning—totally onshore. I'll paddle out in just about anything . . . except freezing Victory at Sea conditions when it's supposed to be $#%!&! summer!