Friday, July 16, 2010

Waves for the Weekend – Nothing huge…but still some good times

Looks like the weekend is going to be a surf weekend…both Saturday and Sunday look playful…but there may be a little more wind getting on things early on Saturday. Sunday will have cleaner conditions.

Our swell will be a mix of S-SW swells (180-215) from the latest in the string of Southern Hemi swells. We will also have a mix of small WNW-NW windswell that pushes in through the background. Late Sunday night a new, long-period S-SW swell starts to arrive but won’t add much new surf before the sun sets.

Sizewise both days will hold around the knee-waist high range a the average spots…the windswell breaks will be a touch smaller while spots that have a little more southern hemi exposure will be more consistent and will possibly have a few bigger chest high sets sneaking through. The standouts, mostly on Sunday, will be in the chest-shoulder high range…wiith a couple of sets getting close to head high (and by head high I mean bigger than Webster and smaller than Shaq). Size and consistency will be a bit better on Sunday.

Winds look ok for both days…Saturday will have a bit more onshore flow…mostly light winds in the morning but with a few areas of texture at the more wind sensitive spots. Sunday looks cleaner…with light wind in the morning, even a couple of spots with some light offshore flow showing super early. Both days can expect onshore flow to build in from the W around 10-15 knots with some stronger gusts pushing through on Saturday.

Overall this should be a decent weekend…there will be waves, the weather will be nice, and the tides are halfway decent during the morning, matching up with the lighter winds (for once!). The long-period forerunners of the bigger SW swell will start to fill on Sunday but even though the energy shows on the buoy there will only be a few spots that will pull in the new energy…so if you are looking for the “big swell” (BIG being a relative term) and larger waves you will have to wait till at least Monday afternoon, but really through Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here are the tides…Have a great weekend!

07/17/2010 Saturday
01:46AM LDT 3.9 H
08:02AM LDT 0.9 L
02:46PM LDT 5.2 H
09:46PM LDT 1.2 L

07/18/2010 Sunday
03:16AM LDT 3.3 H
08:51AM LDT 1.5 L
03:45PM LDT 5.3 H
11:19PM LDT 0.9 L


Anonymous said...

This sure aint been a rockin summer...

Anonymous said...

Roasting in orange county. go surf, choose between 3/2 and boardshorts, easy choice was board shorts. shoulda went with wetsuit. Im so confused

Anonymous said...

i guess thats why they make spring suits and jackets, where in oc? cuz hb is still cold, cuz everything sucks in hb

Anonymous said...

this morning sucks in south san diego. total crap.

Anonymous said...

Had alot of good times this weekend, just none while in the water....