Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waves for Wednesday – A few, crumbly, but rideable waves

Wednesday will be semi-rideable...but the swell mix really isn’t all that impressive, and it looks like the winds will get on things pretty early. So if you are planning on surfing try to get out there in the morning before things get funky as the tide comes up and the winds begin hacking things up.

There are going to be a few waves on Wednesday but the winds aren’t going to be the greatest in the morning. There is a little bit of light onshore flow that sets up early and then just continues to strengthen out of the WNW-NW as we move throughout the day.

Our swell mix will be a blend of overlapping S-SW swells (180-210) and some NW windswell…none of it will be particularly big, but the SW swell (190-210) will be a bit stronger since it is filling in. The background windswell will sort of just hang out...and do what weak windswells usually do (not really much of anything).

Most spots will be in the knee-waist high range while the better exposed W facing areas and the good combo SW spots see some chest- to almost inconsistent shoulder high sets. The standout SW facing spot, mostly at the summer spots in San Diego and South OC, will be more in the waist-chest high range with some shoulder high+ surf sneaking in on the lower tide sets. Expect some pretty long waits between the bigger set waves due to the long-period nature of the SW swell…but the top spots could be pretty fun when everything gets a chance to blend together the right way…just don’t spend a lot of time holding your breath waiting for the quality waves.

Winds are where it is going to be funky…the WNW-NW flow is expected to get a jump on things early. It shouldn’t be more than 3-4 knots for most areas…but it will have enough energy to add some texture to the more open spots. Look for the NW flow to top out around 10-12 knots by midday and then probably hitting close to the 10-20 knot range by the afternoon. It will be pretty hacked up at the more exposed spots by the end of the day.

Like I said I would try and get on it early so that you can get some cleaner surf and the tides will be a bit more favorable. Unfortunately the new SW swell won’t be filling in too much through the dawn patrol, but you should still be able to find some playful waves if you bring the right boards. I would stick with the small wave gear…maybe even a few longboards just so that you can catch the smaller but more rideable waves while waiting for the bigger sets.

07/28/2010 Wednesday
05:26AM LDT 0.0 L
11:40AM LDT 4.2 H
05:08PM LDT 1.9 L
10:56PM LDT 5.0 H


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your website a few days ago and like it a lot so far. Do you also do forecasts for the next few days? It seems like it's just more of a daily forecast

HBD said...

Well, at least our son (sic) beat eddy.

Anonymous said...

Man......It's Lake Pacific out there.

Anonymous said...

beautiful Lake Pacific though. super duper glassy in south San Diego. just looked like one big mirror this morning. no waves, but extremely tranquil and beautiful. i paddled out just to be in it and be in awe of the beauty of the water. then, i realized the friggin water was ice! no joke, that water is freakin cold, man. i had to get out and put my 4/3 on. insane! it is July 28th for heaven's sake!

Anonymous said...

A 4/3? Geez. Water is about 65 North of you. Maybe you should join all of us yuppies in OC. Hey anonymous#1, this site has great forecast, but the man is on vacation. I hear we are supposed to get a south this weekend.