Thursday, February 11, 2010

My new ride…

Just picked a new board from Tim Stamps…man I love the new board smell mixed with a couple of new bars of wax. It is a nice little thruster with a tiny touch of concave to the bottom deck…and while I haven’t ridden it yet…it looks like it might have a warp drive in there somewhere. My son Jack made sure to pick out the red rails for me…(it better be red Daddy!)…I hear that red makes you go faster.

And here are the dims for all you number junkies…

6’6” / 23.75” / 2.75” with a little extra glass 12oz on the top and 10oz on the bottom…try and keep in mind that I am about 6’1” and 240lbs…so this is one of my little boards. :)

I have another one of Tim’s boards…about the same template but with less rocker and a quad setup…the thing works so good that I had to get another with some extra drive off the bottom.

If you are in the market for a new board…or just want to see some of his lineup…check out his website.

Fortunately for us…Tim made me go home and do a special board cleansing dance (not sure why I had to be naked…yeah that was awkward for the neighbors) so that I wouldn’t bring down the “new board curse” on the swell for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Adam, I just got a Sakal, with red lightning bolts

Jonathan M said...

It's a beaut.

I know it varies, but what was the damage for your new whip? I'm looking to get a custom deck.

Anonymous said...

I talked to Tim a few months ago about getting an EPS/epoxy. There is still a lot of debate, with some claiming even small dings suck a lot of water. OTOH, PU/PE seem to last only around 6mos before they go completely stale.

If you go through Tim directly, he can set you up for a very reasonable price. He produces really high quality boards - here's a review some other local guy wrote last year:

Anonymous said...

Sick, man...i have 2 of Tim's boards in my quiver now and love 'em. Great guy to work with, too...shakas.

Anonymous said...

No more dancing for you, unless you go to san o trail 5,
have fun, Mavs is in the launchpad,
Ranch here i come.

Anonymous said...

Oh and wait ago supporting a local shaper and not feeding some corporate machine and being another freaking AL Merick Clone.
No Merrick's in OC, beat it!!!
Real board bulders, worldwide only!!

Anonymous said...

nice! too much rocker though... i like flat!

Anonymous said...

Remeber this:

"Dear Comrad Party Member:
Please not offended that I am not riding an Al Merick, official board of the Worlwide Socialistic Party.
I am currently contacting the evil communist corporate machine to CLONE me a new board in China. Then I will be in complete compliance with all Marxian decress and we can all be one equal mass of humannity, promoting the same philosophies to rule the universe.
In solidarity,
Anotheitoli Brainwashedowski"

Brought to you by,

Anonymous said...

thanks, Adam. you give a bigger guy like me hope! as the years go by gravity is pullin me down. i'll need a board with those dimensions here in a few years.

er said...

Nice deck Adam!

Yr 'little boards' could be my SUP! :)