Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday’s Surf – Yep keep surfing…

More waves on Monday…the swell mix, the bigger W-NW swell and the much smaller SW swell, will continue to send in solid surf.

Check out the “nowcast” from Sunday night…

And here is the forecast for 7am on Monday…they look pretty similar.

Look for exposed W-NW facing breaks to continue to see shoulder-overhead surf with some of the standout NW breaks going a few feet overhead on the bigger sets. Purely S facing breaks will be much smaller…mostly knee-waist high with some inconsistent chest high+ sets.

Winds look good for most areas again on Monday…offshore in varying degrees throughout Socal…but with a tiny touch of funky-sort-of-N-winds spinning up around Point Loma and South SD…so if you are surfing down there keep it in mind.

No regional forecasts today…it is Valentine’s…and my wife needs to open a package…that I bought for her…get your minds out of the gutter.

Have a good dead presidents day tomorrow!

02/15/2010 Monday
03:26AM LST 1.2 L
09:17AM LST 4.9 H
03:57PM LST 0.0 L
10:05PM LST 4.3 H

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