Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waves for Wednesday – Fading but fun

Wednesday will be another surf day.

Our W-NW swell mix and our background SW swell will both continue to fade but there will be enough leftover energy to get out and ride some waves…especially on the lower tides.

Average WNW-NW facing spots will be in the waist-chest high range with some shoulder high sets. The standout NW facing breaks will be more in the chest-shoulder high range with some bigger head high sets still showing. The best NW breaks in San Diego (Southern SD) will see a few larger sets in the morning during the early tide push. Expect size and consistency to continue to wind down throughout the day.

Winds will be good…mostly light and variable to light offshore for the morning…then just a moderate onshore bump pushing through in the afternoon…with winds likely topping out NW 10-15 knots at the more exposed areas.

Overall it is going to be another playful surf day…nothing macking anywhere, but enough push still hanging on that we can get out and surf a few at the well exposed breaks. Conditions will be pretty clean through the early part of the day and with the early AM tide push I think it will be worth getting out for a morning session.

I think I caught the bird/swine/cat flu from surfing to close to the river…so no regional forecasts today.

Here are the tides…

02/17/2010 Wed
04:38AM LST 1.1 L
10:21AM LST 4.0 H
04:39PM LST 0.7 L
10:54PM LST 4.5 H


Anonymous said...

surfed my local beach break in Newport this afternoon. It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Newports rocked this winter, like always (well water quality definitely poor)
Hey adam hows the new board working out for you?