Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surf for Friday – Small with building S winds

Friday doesn’t look like much of a surf day.

The morning looks pretty small…just some leftover WNW-NW energy and touch of smaller SW energy (200-220) that holds in the background. There will be some new WSW-NW energy, mostly stormy/windswell, that begins arriving in Santa Barbara and Ventura late in the afternoon but it won’t show to much new surf before sundown.

Look for most spots to see surf in the knee high range with some waist high sets during the tide push. The better WNW/SW combo spots will be a touch bigger…more knee-waist high with some inconsistent chest high sections. It will be the most consistent through the morning dawn patrol but the high tide will start to kill it pretty fast.

Look for S-winds around 5-8 knots spinning up in the morning…sort of S-SW around Santa Barbara and Ventura and more S-SE’erly in LA, OC, and SD. These winds will increase and turn more SW’erly for all areas throughout the day…hitting 10-20 knots by the afternoon/evening. Look for rain showers to move in throughout the day…getting strongest overnight into Saturday.

There isn’t really enough swell for it to be very rideable tomorrow…add in the S wind texture and the building tide and it looks like the wheels will start to come off by midmorning/midday. If you need to surf I would bust out the log and try and find a spot during the dawn patrol that has some protection from the South winds…personally I am going to be surfing my pillow for a little extra shuteye.

Make sure to check out the regional forecasts for the details for each county…you aren’t going to learn anything new but it sure makes me feel good to see traffic on those pages.

Regional/County Forecasts

Santa Barbara Surf Forecast
Ventura County Surf Forecast
Los Angeles County Surf Forecast
Orange County Surf Forecast
San Diego Surf Forecast

Here are the tides…

02/19/2010 Friday
06:18AM LST 1.2 L
11:50AM LST 2.9 H
05:16PM LST 1.5 L

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