Monday, January 11, 2010

Surf for Tuesday – Dropping…just a little bit

Tuesday will be a surf day.

The W-WNW swell (270-300 but with the prime swell around 285-300) that peaked Sunday/Monday will be slowly fading on Tuesday…fortunately the storm that produced the swell had some legs so there will still be plenty of energy sloshing around.

Average spots with some W exposure will hold in the chest-shoulder high range and pull in a few bigger sets during the lower tides. Top WNW-NW spots, in the usual Ventura, South Bay, and San Diego areas, will see shoulder-head high surf with some sets going overhead at times…San Diego looks like it will be the most exposed, but the shorter swell periods do nice things to both Ventura and South Bay breaks, so it will be sort of a wash.

Winds look good for the morning…light and variable conditions will be on tap for most areas, even a little bit offshore for a few of the windier spots. Look for variable winds to continue up through lunch and then shift a touch more onshore for the afternoon. Looks like the winds will be light enough that the more protected spots will stay fairly surfable throughout the day.

So plenty of surf on tap for tomorrow…even a bit of decent size at the best exposed areas. Really it just looks like the surf will lose a bit of its “punch” rather than much size. Points and reefs will continue to be the best call…the beach breaks have mostly just been lined up closeouts. You are definitely going to want to check the exposed points/reefs first, and then the beach breaks that have something to break up the swell as a backup. Overall the right breaks look like they will be pretty fun tomorrow…I just wish that we had something to cross up the W-WNW energy.

Make sure to read the regional forecasts for more details.

Regional/County Forecasts

Santa Barbara Surf Forecast
Ventura County Surf Forecast
Los Angeles County Surf Forecast
Orange County Surf Forecast
San Diego Surf Forecast

Here are the tides…

01/12/2010 Tuesday
12:40AM LST 2.3 L
06:48AM LST 5.7 H
02:19PM LST -0.8 L
08:46PM LST 3.6 H

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