Saturday, January 9, 2010

Surf Photos – Saturday Morning Dawn Patrol

Took a drive through North OC this morning to check the surf and brought along the camera (and a co-pilot). Here are a few shots from Saturday morning (Jan 9, 2010). It was a little walled, a little inconsistent, but there were a couple corners sneaking through now and then.

My co-pilot this morning...

Maybe he should have bought him dinner first?


Anonymous said...

thats rad! but what sucks is that the san pedro buoy dropped! 3.6' @ 15sec WTF????????????? will come back up over night?

Anonymous said...

Clever comment about the dinner thing, i surfed up just south of cliffs up to about shoulder high but man those closeouts were abundant

Anonymous said...

Love those HB corners but they are caught on the camera lens a lot easier than when you are out in the line up scrambling to find the shoulder.
Oh well it was fun, a good run of swells called by a great forecaster, who is prety funny!
Thanks AW!

cheerupcheerio said...

your little man is the cutest!!