Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – Doctor I feel a pulse!

Wednesday isn’t going to be a great surf day but it is going to be a little more rideable than the last couple of days.

We are going to see a small pulse of inconsistent SW swell (200-220) and a slow increase in WNW energy (285-300) in the background. You can see on the CDIPper that there is a little of the mix showing in the model this evening...should be a touch more of both by tomorrow.

Overall we are not going to see a huge jump in the surf...the average exposed breaks will move into a more consistent knee high range. The better standout combo breaks will be more in the inconsistent waist high range...and a few of the top spots, mostly in San Diego and Orange County, will have a few scattered chest high sets by later in the afternoon.

Winds look good too...mostly offshore through the morning...sort of an E-ESE bend to it. Check out the COAMPS for tomorrow morning. (I don’t think it will be as intense as this is calling for but I think it has the general idea).

Afternoon winds will be fairly calm as well...mostly variable around 10-12 knots.

So while we are going to see some slightly better waves tomorrow it isn’t going to be stellar...I would still recommend your small wave gear, probably longboards, for most spots. The morning is going to be pretty inconsistent but we should see a general increase in consistency as we head toward the end of the day. Don’t spend a lot of time driving for waves...but if you close enough for a driveby I would give it a look (or spend a little quality time checking the cameras).

As for Thursday...conditions are still looking a bit nasty...but there is a chance at S-SE winds through the morning dawn-patrol that may help us see a few pockets of cleaner conditions. Forecasts are not showing this little window lasting long so it may even be gone before the sun comes up...but at least we have a chance (1 in a 1000? More like 1 in a million Lloyd) of getting some of the increasing W-WNW swell before the winds and the rain turn it to poo.

Here are the tides for Wednesday...

03:40AM LST 5.2 H
11:54AM LST -0.2 L
06:48PM LST 2.9 H
10:19PM LST 2.5 L


Anonymous said...

So you're saying there's a chance...

Anonymous said...

Well, there's only 8 more weeks or so of winter before we get into spring conditions ie windy, foggy, cold, broken up surf.

On the bright side, there's only 12 weeks or so until the SPac begins waking up. Oh, bummer if you live in SD/SBay, you missed your chance; now you have to look forward to Oct.

Anonymous said...

Can you post the url for the coamps so cal view like you show here? Can't find it on coamps site. THANKS.

Anonymous said...

pray for surf!