Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surf on Friday – Approaching Storm

Overall Friday is not going to be much of a surf day but again we are going to see a small window of cleaner conditions through the morning.

Swellwise we are going to continue to have a mix of WNW-NW windswell with short sort of ugly swell periods…there will be a bit of longer-period WNW energy holding in the background but it is mostly going to get lost in the junkiness.

Wave heights we are going to see more of the chest-shoulder high range at the average NW facing spots. The standouts, again mostly in SD (and maybe Southern Ventura) will have some shoulder-head high sets but with relatively poor shape.

Weatherwise the new storm front is moving down the coast but forecasts have been slowly edging its arrival further and further back…at this point it is calling for S-SW winds building through the morning and then turning WSW 10-20+25 knots by midday/afternoon as the main chunk of weather starts to arrive.

Again it looks like there may be a little window of lighter winds in the morning…check out the COAMPS for tomorrow morning.

I haven’t be totally stoked on the COAMPS accuracy but it is showing a little bubble of light blue (winds under 5 knots) for the morning…even a couple of spots with sort of SE flow like Long Beach and the South Bay. It doesn’t last long but it may mean that there is a chance for rideable surf (rideable being a relative term) in the morning.

Really I wouldn’t plan on getting a lot of surf tomorrow…and I wouldn’t spend a lot of time driving around to get the slim shot at waves in the morning. It is more of a “hey I live sort of close to the beach…maybe I should look at a cam in the morning and see if it is already blown out sort of thing”. Nothing exciting…hopefully this lame part of the winter will end soon and we can get back to some cleaner conditions (and maybe a little combo swell).

Here are the tides…

05:40AM LST 0.8 L
11:22AM LST 3.9 H
05:26PM LST 0.8 L
11:52PM LST 4.8 H

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