Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuesday’s Surf – Don’t drink the brown water

So Tuesday is sort of actually looking a little surfable.

It won’t be super clean…and shape won’t be all that great…and the water quality is going to be unhealthy…but it does look like winds are going to lay down tonight and there should be plenty of swell leftover.

We are going to have a mix of W-NW wind/storm/short-period energy (270-300) and some longer-period WNW swell (290+) on Tuesday. Most W facing spots will be in the chest-shoulder high range tomorrow morning while the standout spots see some head high and potentially bigger sets through the morning (but a lot is going to depend on how much windswell holds overnight).

Right now it looks like winds are going to back off. The storm is passing through and a nice solid lump of cold air is moving over socal. It looks like that temp drop is going to help to push off the trailing portion of this storm and set up light/variable to even light offshore winds for most areas tomorrow morning. NW winds will get back on the horse pretty quickly through midday but there should at least be a window of better winds through the morning.

I would stick to the standout winter spots, like those in SD or Ventura, if you are looking for big waves tomorrow. The WNW’er is going to be driving a lot of the excess size but it is coming in from a bit of a steeper angle which means not every spots is going to be exposed. Stick with the top winter breaks and you should see plenty of size. Other lesser exposed breaks will be more windswelly, and tide/wind sensitive…but should still be playful despite the smaller sizes. As usual with as much rain as we had the water is going to be poo-tacular so if you get the bird-flu easy or have kids at home you might want to skip the turd lineup for a couple of days.

Here are the tides…I should be back on a more normal update schedule by tomorrow afternoon. Oh and we have just a single low and high tomorrow. Plan on the tide being high through the evening.

02:42AM LST 4.2 H
11:24AM LST 0.7 L


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