Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday’s Junk – Looking a bit nasty out there

So the storm that was supposed to arrive over the weekend just got here…and it is pretty ugly out there for most spots. (Naturally I was traveling all weekend and didn’t get a chance to update the forecast when the storm stalled…sounds like there were some fun waves while the winds held down. anyway…).

I was actually looking at the METOC/COAMPS wind analysis and noticed a couple of funky spots out there right now…that are sort of showing winds that aren’t totally blowing conditions out…so I looked a few of the surf cams and there are a couple of areas with semi-legit conditions. Granted the weather is pretty lame…but shape isn’t totally torn to shreds and there is a bit more size thanks to the building windswell.

Check out the map…

You can see that the South Bay, parts of Ventura, and possibly parts of central San Diego (La Jolla in particular)…may be semi manageable. Out of all the cams the conditions in the South Bay look the best, but the surf shape isn’t anything stellar…just the usual lumpy, bumpy peaks that you get with storm swell.

Anyway I just wanted to throw that out there…if you like storm swell, don’t mind the rain and the likelihood of toxic-waste, shopping carts, and raw sewage in the lineup you might be able to pick off a few if you are in the right area. Naturally don’t waste a lot of time driving to these spots but if you are close by it might be worth a look.

I will be back with the forecast for Tuesday later tonight.

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