Friday, February 13, 2009

Waves for the weekend – Not looking very good

I think the title sort of sums up our chances at legit surf this weekend.

Yeah there will be some size as the NW windswell fills in along with the storm, but conditions, water quality, and surf shape are all going to be in the toilet.

We can expect a mix of NW windswell, and some more westerly storm swell pushing in as we head through Saturday and Sunday (with a bigger bump hitting on Monday). For the most part the average spots are going to hover around chest high…with a few bigger sets.

The standout NW facing breaks, again the usual suspects in San Diego and Ventura, are going to have some shoulder high+ surf and some bigger waves at times.

Shape for all areas is looking pretty poor at this time. We have a new storm front that is moving into the SoCal area later tonight that is expected to continue to tweak winds and weather through Saturday. There is a second front that moves through later on Sunday that will also screw with both winds and weather through the end of the weekend and into Monday. Basically we can expect a mix of SW-W-NW winds (all onshore) blowing in the 10-15 knot range for both days…probably some stronger gusts mixing in as well. Looks like rain and more poo-water runoff expected through the weekend as well.

I don’t think there is much chance at rideable surf at least based on today’s forecast. We can hope that the storm doesn’t bring as much wind as the weather model is indicating, but it is sort of like wishing that we will all get to ride a unicorn. Entertaining but not super realistic.

Now there may be a few pockets of semi-surfable conditions now and then…it really depends on how intense and fast these new cold fronts move…but you do get some transition winds as things move around. If you live close to the beach (and again don’t mind the water quality) you might be able to find a little peaky nugget at the top windswell spots. I wouldn’t commit a lot of time to trying to find something like that but I thought I would mention for the diehards.

Anyway…have a good one! (and happy hallmark card…uh…I mean happy Valentines day to all of you!)


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Gay (1) Gayer(50)

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Totally, man!

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i got few big ol mushy suckers

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Don't be so mean, everyone was wrong about this weekend.

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