Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday’s mess – Looking nasty

Monday is going to be pretty tore up thanks to another cold front moving in.

Local NW windswell will be on the rise…as well as some WNW energy coming off a different part of this storm but for the most part it looks like the winds from the front are going to give any shape we held onto over the weekend a good working over.

We can expect more surf in the chest-shoulder high range while the standouts see some bigger sets. Overall shape is going to be poor to very poor…there may be a couple of really protected spots that will be “slightly better than poor” but I don’t think they are going to have much surf.

Check out the forecast winds for tomorrow…

These look pretty nasty and even the NWS is getting in on the act…calling for SW winds 10-20 knots for most areas and gusts nearing 30 knots as the storm really starts to push through.

Personally when I start seeing numbers and conditions like these (on top of the “sprayed yoohoo” water quality we have got going on) it makes me want to stay in bed. I will probably give the cams a once over in the morning but I am definitely not expecting much. Not much point the tides tomorrow…it will be high in the morning so if the front holds off we can expect pretty boggy shape early in the day.


Anonymous said...

this winter sucks hard!

Anonymous said... is basically the Jenna Jameson of winters at this point.