Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – Better winds...water is still a bit poopy

Looks like Wednesday is going to be a surf day.

Water quality will still be poor but winds and waves will be much better organized. Overall the surf is going to be smaller as the storm swell fades out but there should be enough energy leftover to pull in a few fun ones at the more exposed spots.

On average the W facing breaks will be in the chest to about shoulder high range. The top NW facing spots see some shoulder-head high sets...biggest through the morning. I want to stay conservative on this call because so much is riding on the windswell which is going to fade pretty fast...so expect sort of playful sizes through the morning but be on the lookout for some bigger sets if the wind/storm swell manages to hang on a bit longer. You can see on the buoy that it is already on the way out...(add in the fact that the swell periods are so short and you can expect a lot of swell decay over a short time period).

Weather on the other hand looks nice. Winds go light and variable to light offshore through the morning and stay variable below 10-12 knots through the afternoon. There may still be a bit of warble to the shape but it will be leftover bump rather than new wind chop. Expect some scattered clouds but rain should be done for now.

The NW facing spots are going to be the best on Wednesday...San Diego and Ventura will be the biggest and the most consistent...but enough of the winter spots in other regions will be fun size as well. Shape is going to be the dumpy, close to shore, windswelly peaks with some occasionally punchier waves from a mix of long-period WNW energy holding in the background. Beach breaks will likely have the best shape, with the windswell-liking points coming in a close second place. Watch the high tide in the morning...it may be a little boggy until it drops.

04:08AM LST 4.3 H
12:20PM LST 0.3 L
07:33PM LST 3.1 H
11:13PM LST 2.8 L


Anonymous said...

I will be taking a hydrogen peroxide bath after morning session!

Anonymous said...

i got a nice deep cut on my pinky....should i stay out of the water?

Anonymous said...

you're a gonner! move to IB now and become a local.

Anonymous said...

thursday? :(

Anonymous said...

No Thursday!?! What am I going to do? Maybe Wavewatch? Yeah!

Anonymous said...

you strange.