Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Transworld Surf Forecast is posted

In case you need something to look at since the wind is howling onshore…my latest forecast is up over at Transworld SURF.

It talks about how conditions are going to clean up later this week, we get more swell, and NorCal pulls in another solid shot of WNW just after Christmas (and Socal doesn’t do so bad itself).

When you get a chance check it out



surf school santa monica said...

Thanks man. : ]

Keith said...

Adam, why does it look like this Justin dude is getting the credit for the forecast? Seems like your name should be on top and all..

Adam Wright said...

It is the way they post to their content management system...so Justin pastes my stuff into the system and it sets the "posted by" header to his name.

Hopefully someday they will give me access so that it has my name on top.