Friday, December 11, 2009

Rain and Wind for the Weekend – Looking Nasty

This won’t be much of a surf weekend…the weather will be pretty lame and onshore winds are going to kill it on Sunday.

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Ok back to the surf….In the water on Saturday we are going to have slowly fading WNW energy, mostly leftovers from earlier in the week but with a mix of other medium period energy from fronts following that bigger one…in general it will be smaller though. We will also have a mix of building S-SW windswell moving in with the front.

On Saturday look for wave heights to hold around waist-chest high+ at the average WNW facing breaks. Top spots will be in the chest-head high range with a few inconsistent bigger sets lurking around out there.

Conditions look pretty lame…S-SW winds around 10-15 knots are expected to hold throughout the day and then strengthen up to about 15-20 knots by the afternoon. Rain, clouds, and other nastiness will push through all day.

One thing worth noting is that the S winds don’t totally blow out every spot…so there may be a little surf-wiggle-room during the dawn patrol. If you don’t mind the rain, you might want to give the S protected spots a look, particularly if they like the windswell combo stuff we have in the water for Saturday morning.

On Sunday the windswell builds back up, but so do the onshore winds, so it doesn’t look very surfable.

Wave heights will start off similar to Saturday but I expect chundery mess of WNW slop moving in later in the day as the W-NW winds top out around 20 knots.

Basically at this point…with the onshore W winds in the forecast…I think Sunday will be a write-off.

So not super exciting this weekend…I would just keep a weather eye on the protected spots on Saturday, but other than that we can expect more rain and onshore wind. Stay dry and have a good one.

Here are the tides…

12/12/2009 Saturday
05:41AM LST 5.9 H
01:04PM LST -0.3 L
07:15PM LST 3.5 H

12/13/2009 Sunday
12:00AM LST 2.0 L
06:19AM LST 6.0 H
01:47PM LST -0.7 L
08:07PM LST 3.6 H

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Justin said...

I hope you are wrong about Sunday since I missed the majority of this swell to interview for a job in L.A. Thumbs Down!