Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Socal Local Greg Long wins the Eddie!

I don’t usually post too much contest stuff on the blog…but I wanted to send out a big congrats to Greg Long for winning the Eddie this year…nice to see a home grown Southern California surfer represent.


On another note…what did you guys think of the event?


Anonymous said...

Was the first Eddie that I'd watched, and was truly blown away.. Stoked to see Navarro from Chili..first i'd heard of him. It was a great to see Greg win it - he is fearless, what a year he has had. I don't know how these guys stay on with 20 feet of white-water exploding behind them (if not on top of them).. amazing..

saimin said...

During the webcast, Sunny showed as having only surfed 3 of 4 waves on his last heat. When he went in with like 15 minutes left in the last heat, he still had a chance to best Greg Long's score; Sunny would have needed an 80-something.

The event was awesome tho. Potts and Freddy P did a good job on the webcast. The madness on the Kam Hwy looked like it almost matched the madness in the water. Big ups to Greg Long!