Monday, December 7, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – poo patrol with more wind

Surf for Tuesday – Great more wind

Tuesday is not looking like much of a surf day…onshore winds and poor water quality will definitely be working to hamper conditions.

Swellwise things pick up a bit more as the combo of W-WNW storm/wind swell (270-300) picks up a bit and mixes with the neverending (yet never helpful) touch of SW energy.

Most spots will be in the chest high range on Tuesday…with some chest-shoulder high surf showing at the better W-WNW facing breaks. Top NW facing spots, like those in San Diego, will be in the chest-head high range fairly consistently with some bigger sets mixing in at times.

Winds just suck on Tuesday…the storm front that brought the rain on Monday will be moving out but the NW winds that follow these types of storms will be right on its tail. Look for NW winds 10-15+ knots on tap for the morning…strongest in the Northerly Counties. Look for these winds to hold through midday and then slowly taper off toward the evening.

With the winds and water (poo) quality on tap for Tuesday I would probably give the building wave heights a pass. I might give the beach a quick check if the winds look like they have done something unexpected overnight, and just to see how things weathered the rain, but it would have to look really, really, good to get me into the lineup and I don’t see that happening tomorrow.

Here are the tides…

12/08/2009 Tuesday
02:39AM LST 4.4 H
08:27AM LST 2.3 L
01:45PM LST 4.1 H
08:39PM LST 0.5 L

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