Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thursday’s Surf – Cleaner with more swell filling in

Thursday will be a surf day…if you don’t mind a little run-off leftover from Wednesday.

We will also have a new WNW-NW swell (285-300) that will be filling in throughout the day. The new swell will be showing up in Santa Barbara and Ventura in the morning…with some new energy starting to show in the other counties further south as well, just not as big…but the peak of the swell looks like it will arrive around mid-afternoon.

Sizewise the average W-WNW facing breaks will be in the waist-chest high range with some shoulder high and shoulder high+ sets at times at the better WNW exposed spots. The standout NW breaks will be running in the chest-head high range pretty consistently but as the tide drops into the afternoon I think that the best spots, particularly the breaks that like the shorter-period (10-13 second energy), will have some sets going a couple of feet overhead.

Winds and weather look a lot better tomorrow…this front is supposed to move out tonight setting up clear or partly clear skies tomorrow and light/variable to light offshore winds in the morning. NW winds around 10-14 knots will push through in the afternoon.

Overall it looks like a big improvement in size and conditions over Wednesday…water quality will not be great, some areas are seeing some pretty significant rainfall today…but it isn’t the first rain of the season so it probably isn’t the total toilet flush that it could have been. There will still be some tide problems in the morning as we see another winter-morning high tide…so if you plan to surf early make sure to check spots that can handle some extra water.

Here are the tides…Happy New Year’s Eve

12/31/2009 Thursday
01:39AM LST 2.0 L
07:50AM LST 6.8 H (swampy)
03:21PM LST -1.6 L
09:45PM LST 3.8 H


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, Happy new year to you and your tribe!
Thank you for all your hard work.
If you get bored/or to get paid at Trans(exual?JK!)world a recap yearly rating along with a what too look forward too in 2010 with a fading el nino (and other climatological factors) would be cool.
Then again so would a country with no federal deficit.

Anonymous said...

ya adam that would be really awesome if you could give us some info on how el'nino will affect the summer swell sweason

surf lessons los angeles said...

Looks like I'll be going to San Diego soon.;]